Why both Kids and Adults Should do Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great avenue to promote mental health and enhance creativity among children and adults. Arts and crafts activities contribute to the cognitive, emotional, and social development of kids. When you encourage creativity among kids, they certainly develop important skills that may contribute to their long-term achievement both in school and even in their adulthood.

It’s, therefore, important that you present your kids with art and craft supplies to not only enhance their creativity but also let them have a sense of achievement after completing their project. Here’s why it’s important to let your kids partake in arts and crafts activities.

Executive Function and Self-Regulation

You must have realized that things don’t always work out as planned at times. There are times you have to make adjustments and changes to your plans and even come up with different strategies. Executive function refers to the different set of mental skills that help you in switching focus, remembering details, filtering what you say, managing time, doing things based on experience, planning, and paying attention. These are important life skills that kids need to acquire as well.

Engaging children in arts and crafts provides them with important life lessons like patience, focus, reasoning, paying attention, self-control, flexibility. Ultimately, they’re able to develop healthy executive function and self-regulation.

Bilateral Coordination

Most arts and crafts activities often require one to use both of their hands in sync. This includes activities such as cutting, painting, knitting, coloring, and drawing. The fact that these activities involve children moving their hands means they’re able to develop their bilateral coordination. It, therefore, becomes easier for them to learn a variety of other daily activities like writing, playing instruments, showing, dressing, etc.

Bonding and Memories

Every parent spends time with their kids. Engaging your kids in simple arts and crafts activities like painting, drawing, knitting, etc. is a great way to enjoy quality bonding time while making fond memories together. Not only will you be communicating your desire to spend quality time with your child but showing him or her that you’re invested in his or her life.


If you’re looking to empower children to feel good about themselves, then arts and crafts is the way to go. Arts and crafts activities encourage and promote creativity thereby empowering children with positive emotional responses whenever they’re learning. They will feel a great sense of achievement and accomplishment when they create something.

Fine Motor Coordination

There’s no better way to improve a child’s hand-eye coordination than engaging him with hand-on arts and crafts activities like kneading, coloring with line, mixing colors, drawing patterns and shapes, or cutting with scissors. All these activities enhance the development of fine motor coordination. The more children engage in hands-on arts and crafts activities the more they improve their fine motor skills. Their hands an wrist muscles also become stronger.

In conclusion, arts and crafts provide many benefits to both kids and adults. So if you’re looking to help your kids socialize and think critically even as they develop other skills, encourage them or rather engage them in such activities. You might start by providing them with arts and crafts supplies.

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