The Colours of Truck Art

This intricate form of art, called Truck Art is practiced commonly in South Asia, especially Pakistan. The highly complex and greatly detail-oriented form of art leaves people from all over the world dumbfounded. Its awe-inspiring and overwhelming designs and patterns never cease to amaze people and this elaborate art form gives a hint of highly talented people of this country. Mostly this style of art includes floral patterns and different types of poetry written in the form of calligraphy. This art is not just done out of beautification purposes, but rather, it has become infused with Pakistani culture and tradition.

This art form has seen the changing of eras, making different elements from different eras to integrate into the Truck Art. Though, the history of Truck Art has not been traced properly to the very beginning, to its origin. But there are some theories, one speculation is that after partition of sub-continent companies tried to monopolize the freight business. So, they created colourful logs to attract illiterate people of Pakistan and the colourful it was more the people got attracted and slowly it got revolutionized to give an art.  Another theory is that the painted portraits of Gurus was seen on the trucks of Sikh transporters, which inspired the Muslim truck drivers to paint Sufis on their trucks in the era of 1940s. Then after Pakistan gained independence the art stayed, but rather got incorporated with modernism and soon landscapes, flying horses, different birds became the option for painting by many truck drivers. Then in the ‘60s decade the art took a turn and incorporated politics, then spiritual paintings took over and so on. Now, truck art has become a greatly recognized genre of art, all over the world.

Now truck art is not only confined to the body of the trucks and lorries rather it has made its way down to every sort of item used daily such as truck art inspired pottery, rickshaws, scooters and even clothes!

All parts of trucks are densely decorated with floral pattern as well as with pictures of Pakistani and other heroes, Monkeys, Butterflies and much more. Many different types of colours are used to draw on different parts of the truck. The colours range from loud hues of bright Orange, Lemon Yellow etc. to pastel shades. Different sizes of paint brushes are used, big brushes serve as coating a basal colour or for filling in, etc. while the small, thin ones are used to intricately and immaculately make way into the tiny details.

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