Construction contractors usually adhere to safety precautions and other requirements to ensure everything goes well when the work is being performed. Despite all the safety measures taken by these companies, we often hear reports of injuries as a result of falling objects, tool defects, explosions, and other site accidents.

After getting injured on a construction site and encountering lots of financial issues and chaos, you may need to have a lawyer. However, before you go ahead with the decision to hire a lawyer, it’s important to have the right questions in mind. The right lawyer won’t have any problem responding to all your questions and helping you to get a better understanding of your legal rights and compensation options. The fact that there are many personal injury law firms in your region means it can be quite challenging and overwhelming to find the right one. Here’s a list of questions that will help you find the right personal injury lawyer.

When Can I Speak with my Actual Lawyer?

In most cases, you find an intake specialist who discusses with you the details of your personal injury case first. Once the law firm agrees to take the case, you shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with your lawyer. Ask to find out when you can discuss with your attorney directly about the case. If things don’t seem to be smooth as they should and you’re struggling to speak with your lawyer, chances are you’re not being given the attention you deserve. The same applies to when no one is returning your phone calls.

What are your Specialty areas when it comes to Personal Injury Cases?

Experience is a key factor when dealing with any type of case. It’s important that you hire an attorney who understands how to handle cases like yours. He or she should also have ample experience dealing with such cases. The size of a law firm won’t necessarily mean they have the experience to take care of your needs. Do your research and verify their experience.

Are there other Staff Members or Individuals who will be working on my Case?

Asking this question will help you know the people who will handle your case. You don’t want to agree on a different thing during the initial consultation, and something different happens later. Let the lawyer clarify whether he or she will delegate the work or some of it to clerks and legal secretaries. If your attorney will delegate some of the work let him do so to a highly qualified team.

What are your Charges? How will you Handle billing?

Compensation is needed for the legal services provided in your personal injury case. It’s, therefore, important that you know the charges or rather how you’re going to be billed. Your attorney should not charge you until when there’s a verdict or settlement. The usual arrangement for your case is for you to agree and sign a contingency fee. In this case, the lawyer will have to collect a percentage of the judgment or settlement.

How often do your Personal Injury Cases go on Trial?

Despite the fact that your case might end up settling out of the court room, it’s important to hire a lawyer who will be available to settle it at the right time. Some lawyers will ignore or set your case aside until when it’s convenient for them. That shouldn’t be the case. Find someone who is committed to fighting for your legal rights.