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Origami; The Art of Paper Folding

The art of creasing the paper to make intricate or simple figures and shapes is called Origami. Origami is an art that has its root anchored in Japanese culture, this technique brings life to the dead, flat sheet of paper by folding it into different sculptures. People nowadays from all over the world practice this […]

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Warli Art; An Aesthetic Pleasure

There are many types of folk arts that are done all around the world, Warli Art is one of them. It is a type of art that has originated from Maharashtra tribe, one of the biggest tribes in India. The art is itself one of a kind, as it uses rudimentary geometric shapes such as […]

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Why both Kids and Adults Should do Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great avenue to promote mental health and enhance creativity among children and adults. Arts and crafts activities contribute to the cognitive, emotional, and social development of kids. When you encourage creativity among kids, they certainly develop important skills that may contribute to their long-term achievement both in school and even […]

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