5 Helpful Networking Tips for Artists

While networking can be some people’s forte, it can be nerve wrecking for some. It’s not always easy for artists to take time off from putting together their art pieces and have exhausting and awkward conversations with people. However, for most upcoming artists it is an important trick to keep the freelance gigs coming in and also to build an audience for their work. So whether you lack the skills to network or don’t know how to get started, either way here are some tips you can use. 

  1. Help others to help yourself

Building positive relationships that are not only beneficial for yourself but others as well is a very big step forward in achieving your career goals because when people know that the relationship you are seeking to form is mutually beneficial, they would want to return the favors you do for them to keep the relationship growing,

      2. Start off networking in your own community

Right off the bat, you don’t have to dive into meeting big name clients or fancy events. You can take baby steps and start off by meeting other artists and going to their events. When you do that and make yourself a familiar face at art events, people will start to get to know you and they would attend any workshops and art exhibitions you hold as well. 

     3. Come up with an elevator speech 

When you network and meet new people, the most common question that gets asked is about your work. So, in order to impress people with what you do, have an elevator speech ready which is both precise and interesting to retain people’s attention and leave a lasting impression of you on them. 

   4. Instead of selling, focus on connecting

When you meet people with the intention of selling or marketing yourself, you focus on solely yourself and form a bond which is perhaps not that strong. However, when you look to connect you form a genuine connection with people by not just introducing yourself, but also by getting to know them. This way, you’d be able to relate to your potential connections and they can too. 

  5. Take your business cards along

Whether you want to connect with clients, artists or just some people interested in your work, the best way to do that is to create business cards for yourself. 

Bringing your business cards is a professional way to enable interested people to reach out to you in future.

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